Openings: Cheesecake lovers, Junior’s is open in Boca Raton

New York cheesecake lovers, your reward is as near as Boca RatonJunior’s Restaurant and Cheesecake is open for business after a wait that surely seemed interminable to fans of its rich, fluffy namesake dessert.

The Brooklyn-based restaurant debuted this week at Mizner Park and is serving lunch and dinner. (Breakfast service starts within a few weeks.)

The debut was short-lived before the threat of Hurricane Matthew came knocking. As most of the restaurants in Palm Beach County’s “cone of concern,” the new restaurant closed Thursday due to the storm. It reopened for business Friday.

Owned by Alan Rosen, grandson of restaurant founder Harry Rosen, Junior’s has breathed retro Deco style into the former Ruby Tuesday’s space, where it can seat 225 diners.


juniorscheesecakeOn the menu: deli classics like matzo ball soup, potato pancakes and blintzes, plus charbroiled steak-burgers, sandwiches galore including pastrami, various Reuben renditions, and open-face beef brisket, salads and desserts (hello, red velvet cheesecake!).

Of course, the main attraction is the Famous No. 1 Original Cheesecake.

What makes that cheesecake so good? Glad you asked. Here’s our riff on the guilty pleasure.

Junior’s Restaurant and Cheesecake: 409 Plaza Real (Mizner Park), Boca Raton; 561-672-7301;







What makes Junior’s cheesecake so memorable? Hint is in the name.

As displayed in the 2013 book "Junior's Home Cooking" by Alan Rosen and Beth Allen, a photo by Mark Ferri captures the fluffy nature of Junior's famous cheesecake filling nestled upon a sponge-cake crust.
As displayed in the 2013 book “Junior’s Home Cooking” by Alan Rosen and Beth Allen, a photo by Mark Ferri captures the fluffy nature of Junior’s famous cheesecake filling nestled upon a sponge-cake crust.

It was the best New York souvenir I ever received: a single slice of Junior’s cheesecake from Brooklyn.

My sister bought it for me some years ago just before she headed to the airport for her flight back to Miami. She gave it to me less than an hour after she landed. By the end of the night, it was gone. My belly was happy.

I remembered that cheesecake when I heard the recent news that Junior’s Restaurant will open a location at Boca Raton’s Mizner Park. What makes it so memorable?

This is cheesecake that fully earns the first part of its name. On the first bite, you get a wallop of rich, creamy cheese, the kind of rich-cheese note one expects from a New York-style cheesecake.

There’s a good reason for this: Read about this cheesecake’s signature ingredients here.



Where to try it:

  • By mail: The traditional New York-style cheesecake sells for $38.95 at The site offers many varieties of this cake as well.
  • In person: In New York, Junior’s has locations in Brooklyn, Times Square, the Grand Central Station Terminal. It also operates a restaurant at the Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut and a bakery outlet in Burlington, NJ.