Farewell, five-dollar footlongs: Subway raises prices but customers don’t mind

Say goodbye to Subway’s catchy “$5 footlong” jingle.

The price of lunch just went up.

The company announced via Twitter that because of rising food costs, Subway has raised the prices of its classic subs to $6. But for all of February, any sub on the menu will be $6.

From the looks at the dining room at local Subway in West Palm Beach, the price increase makes little difference. On Friday, each of the seven tables at the store on 522 Belvedere Road were filled and the line to order was five people deep — including many repeat customers.

“If you give good customer service, you’ll win the customer,” said manager Fawad Arif, who has run the store for 15 years.

Twitter expressed outrage, as it is prone to do. But customers weren’t deterred.

“It’s still a good deal,” said Rommel Lopez of West Palm Beach. “They always have specials here. Other places, it’s $8 for a footlong.”

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