Where is the best pizza for National Pizza with the Works (except anchovies) Day?

photo: loaded pizza
Where’s the anchovies? (AJC file photo)

I take no joy in writing this, but today is National Pizza with the Works Except Anchovies Day.

Designed — we know not by whom — as a day to encourage the ordering of “everything (but anchovies)” pizzas, National Pizza with the Works Except Anchovies Day unfairly singles out the salty fish that many of us — OK, maybe just a few of us — regard as the ultimate pizza topping.

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In a popularity contest, anchovies are well-eclipsed by pepperoni, mushrooms, onions, spinach, bacon and even pineapple. That’s according to an analysis of pizza orders from thousands of U.S. restaurants by food-delivery provider Foodler.

But for those of us who cringe at the sight of a slice wilting under the weight of too many toppings, there’s nothing better than a medium cheese pizza from, say, Palm Beach Gardens’ Buongiorno Pizza, dressed at home with anchovies straight from the tin, their oil then drizzled atop the pie.

I’ve got your back, anchovies, even if this dubious national food day doesn’t.


Reader’s Choice: What’s your favorite pizzeria in Palm Beach county? Vote now!


Pizza lovers, we want to know: What’s the best pizzeria in Palm Beach County? Based on your feedback, we compiled the following list of your choices. Now it’s time to vote! We will announce the winners in the coming weeks.

Newsroom favorite: this cheese pizza won our downtown taste test. Which is your favorite?

Which cheese pizza scored most votes? (File photo)
Which cheese pizza scored most votes? (Cox Newspapers file photo)

Who knows more about room-temp pizza than journalists on election night? No one. We proudly claim our expertise. We are to pizza what truffle hogs are to ascomycetes.

And because of this, we snag all available opportunities to devour pizza – by the slice, by the pie, or by the stack of boxes. It’s rib-sticking grub, as we were reminded on a recent day when we gathered at one end of the newsroom to taste-test four downtown West Palm Beach cheese pizzas.

We sampled pies from Pizza Girls, City Pizza, Mellow Mushroom and Nico’s Pizza.

In the end, Nico’s scored the highest percentage of our votes (38 percent).

See? None left. (Photo by Laura Lordi)
See? None left. (Photo by Laura Lordi)

The Clematis Street pizzeria delivered with its thin, foldable crust, hearty sauce and cheese and slightly greasy awesomeness.

Second place went to Mellow Mushroom (34 percent). Next was City Pizza of CityPlace (16 percent). Lastly, Pizza Girls fans were saddened to see the waterfront spot earned a paltry 13 percent of our votes.

Leftovers? Not in this newsroom. (Photo by Liz Balmaseda)
Leftovers? Not in this newsroom. (Photo by Liz Balmaseda)

Here’s your chance to comment on for your favorite Palm Beach County pizza. Tell us your favorite on our Post on Food & Dining Facebook page.

Next week: vote in our poll (based on your comments) to name the best pizzeria in Palm Beach county.

Click on the photo to cast your vote!